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A multi-university research center leading the way to environmentally friendly semiconductor manufacturing, sponsored by the Semiconductor Research Corporation's Global Research Collaboration (GRC) Research Program

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ERC Highlights:



Bioaccumulation, Biopersistence, and Toxicity of CMP Nanoparticles in Mammalian and Aquatic Models (SRC 425.048)
PI: Rockford Draper (University of Texas/Dallas), Paul Pantano (University of Texas/Dallas)

Investigation of Speciation in III-V Wet Etching to Mitigate Hazardous Product Formation (SRC 425.049)
PI: Anthony Muscat (University of Arizona), Srini Raghavan (University of Arizona)

Understanding the Sorption Characteristics of III-V Wet Materials on CMP Nanoparticles and Evaluate their Environmental Impact using a Zebrafish Model (SRC 425.050)
PI: Andre Nel (University of California/Los Angeles)

Understanding the Physicochemical Properties, Behavior and Toxicity Threshold Limit of Bound and Unbound Engineered Nanomaterials (SRC 425.051)
PI: Shyam Aravamudhan (North Carolina A&T)

Aquatic Fate and Toxicity of III/V Semiconductor Materials in the Presence of Chemical-Mechanical Planarization Nanoparticles (SRC 425.052)
PI: Reyes Sierra (University of Arizona), Paul Westerhoff (Arizona State University)



2017 Simon Karecki Award Recipient:   Sarah Karimi, University of Texas-Dallas

Sarah Sarah  is a Ph.D. candidate in her fourth year of study in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Texas at Dallas working under the co-supervision of Professors Rockford Draper and Paul Pantano.  She began her collegiate at career Southern Methodist University where she demonstrated her commitment to both chemistry and the environment by graduating magna cum laude with BS degrees in both Chemistry and Environmental Science. 

Sarah began her Ph.D. thesis project in 2014 supported by an SRC/ERC award.  Her project has been to investigate the bioaccumulation, biopersistence, and potential toxicity of model CMP nanoparticles using the fresh water flea Daphnia magna as a model organism.  She was the first person in the research group to work with Daphnia and had the challenge of establishing this model organism in the lab, which she did with great initiative and ingenuity.  She has made significant discoveries on the effects of CMP nanoparticles on this model organism for aquatic toxicity testing.   

Sarah was inducted into the national honor society, Phi Beta Kappa, in the spring of 2013 after receiving numerous academic awards and scholarship




The Simon Karecki Award Fellowship Fund was created by the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) and the SRC-GRC Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing (ERC) in memory of Simon Karecki who was a student in the ERC and a SRC Fellow.  Friends and collegues of Simon have come together to create the Simon Karecki Fellowship Fund in his memory to recognize his outstanding individual and research contributions to the research performed at the ERC, and to encourage other talented young researchers in the pursuit of environmental research.  

Selection criteria for eligible ERC graduate student applicants includes their academic excellence, their demonstrated concern for the earth's environment, their demonstrated ability for technical communication, and their demonstrated ability to work with others and foster cooperation. 

Simon Karecki Award Fellowship Fund Recipients:

2017 Simon Karecki Award:
Sarah Karimi, University of Texas-Dallas

2016 Simon Karecki Award:
Xiangyu Bi, Arizona State University


2015 Simon Karecki Award:

Chun-Che "Jack" Chen, University of California, Los Angeles

2014 Simon Karecki Award:
Lila Otero-Gonzalez, University of Arizona


2013 Simon Karecki Award:
Kyle Doudrick, Arizona State University
Finalist recognition:
Xiaoyan Liao, University of Arizona


2012 Simon Karecki Award:
Jeffrey Rottman, University of Arizona


2011 Simon Karecki Award:
Wen Zhang, Georgia Institute of Technology

2010 Simon Karecki Award:
Chi-cheng Chiu, University of Texas/Dallas

2009 Simon Karecki Award:
Nandini Venkataraman, University of Arizona

Finalist recognition
Marsaharu Kobayashi, Stanford University

2008 Simon Karecki Award:
Yasa Adi Sampurno, University of Arizona

2007 Simon Karecki Award
Nelson Felix, Cornell University
Finalist recognition
Ashok Muthukumaran and Yasa Adi Sampurno, University of Arizona


2006 Simon Karecki Award:
Rong Chen, Stanford University
Finalist recognition
Jun Yan, University of Arizona and Felix Nelson, Cornell University

2005 Simon Karecki Award:
Subramanian Tamilmani, University of Arizona

2004 Simon Karecki Award:
Hyoungsub Kim, Stanford University
April Ross, MIT


2003 Simon Karecki Award:
Nikhil Krishnan, University of California-Berkeley

2002 Simon Karecki Award:
Casey Finstad, University of Arizona



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