SRC Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing (ERC)

                                                          **  Bringing Sustainability to Semiconductor Manufacturing **

A multi-university research center leading the way to environmentally friendly semiconductor manufacturing, sponsored by the Semiconductor Research Corporation's Global Research Collaboration (GRC) Research Program



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- 1998 -
Sept.3 Thrust C: Applications of TXRF in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Ronald Chiarello, Stanford University  (.ppt presentation)
Sept. 10 All Center: Water Recycle and Waste Treatment in HP's CMP
Russ Parker, Hewlett Packard  (ppt.presentation)
Sept. 17 Thrust A: Stanford Abatement and Test Structure Work for PFC Reduction Presentation Set A and Presentation Set B
Jim McVittie, Stanford University  (presentation .ppt 1) (presentation .ppt 2)
Sept. 24 Thrust B: Using Quantum Chemistry for Predicting Semiconductor Surface Chemistry
Charles Musgrave, Stanford University  (.ppt presentation)
Oct. 1 Thrust C: Modified Photoresist Application to Reduce Waste and VOC Emission Post CMP Cleaning
Steve Beaudoin, Arizona State University (presentation)
Oct. 2 AMD Teleconference: Treatment of CMP Waste Streams
James Baygents and Srini Raghavan, University of Arizona (.ppt presentation)
Low Water Rinsing of Ionic Contaminants After Copper CMP
Heather Dunlop, University of Arizona (.ppt presentation)
CMP Sensor for Reduced Consumption
Duane Boning, MIT
Oct. 8 All Center: Using Supercritical CO2 as a Lithographic Developer
Chris Ober, Cornell University (.ppt presentation)
Oct. 15 Thrust A: Deposition of Low & Ultra Low-k Dielectrics by ESH Benign CVD Pathways
Kenneth Lau, MIT (html presentation)
Oct. 22 Thrust B: Probing the Chemistry of Electronic Materials Processing
Stacey Bent, Stanford University (html presentation)
Oct. 29 Thrust C: Rinse Processes in Semiconductor Manufacturing: From Fundamentals to Optimization
Ronald Chiarello, Stanford University (.ppt presentation)
Nov. 5 All Center: Water Contamination Issues Associated with CMP Rinse Operation
Michael Tritapoe and Bill Madden, AMD (html presentation)
Nov. 12

Thrust A: Development of IFC Chemistries for use in a Dielectric Etch Application
Simon Karecki, MIT (html presentation)

Nov. 19 Thrust B: Development of Gas Phase Chemistries to Clean Semiconductor Water Surfaces
Anthony Muscat, University of Arizona (html presentation)
Dec. 3 Thrust C: The Influence of Tank Volume on the Effectiveness of Overflow Rinse Processes
Andy Hebda, Graduate Student, University of Arizona (html presentation)
Thrust C: In-Situ Conductivity Device for Deep Trench Rinse Research
Daniel Seif, Graduate Student, University of Arizona (html presentation)

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