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A multi-university research center leading the way to environmentally friendly semiconductor manufacturing, sponsored by the Semiconductor Research Corporation's Global Research Collaboration (GRC) Research Program



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- 2000 -

Jan. 6 Thrust B:  Processing, Microstructure, and Properties of ZrO2 Gate Dielectrics on Si
Michael Perkins (PDF) and Shriram Ramanthan (PDF), Stanford University 
Jan. 13 Thrust C:  Preliminary Thoughts on System Level Decision Support Tools for ESH in Semiconductor Manufacturing
Berit Ahmad and Paul Barton, MIT (PDF)
Jan. 20 Thrust D:  Closed Session 
Open to Thrust D PIs and Students only-Review preparation
Jan. 27 Thrust A: Closed Session
Open to Thrust A PIs and Students only-Review preparation
Feb. 3 No TeleSeminar - Preparation for Annual Site Review Meeting
Feb. 10 No TeleSeminar – 4th Annual ERC Site Review Meeting (Feb. 8-10 in Tucson)
Feb. 17 Thrust B: No TeleSeminar
Feb. 24 Education Thrust:  Distance Learning
Marsha Ham, U. of Arizona Extended University (PDF
Greg Raupp, Arizona State University (PDF)
March 2 Thrust D:  CVD low k Solutions for sub-0.18um Technology
Hichem M'saad, Applied Materials Inc. (PDF)
March 9 Thrust A: Fundamental Beam Studies of Radical Enhanced Atomic Layer CVD (REALCVD)
Frank Greer, University of California-Berkeley (PDF)

March 16 Thrust B:  Study of the Initial Oxidation of H-Si Using XPS and STM 
Kathleen Morse, Stanford University 
March 23 Thrust C: CMP Water Use Roundtable
Moderator:  Ron Chiarello, Stanford University
Presenters:  Jerry Chen, International SEMATECH -- "CMP Water Use Optimization: Int'l SEMATECH Project Perspective" (PDF)
Michael Tritapoe, AMD -- "Improving Water Utilization for CMP Processes and Equipment" (PDF)
Jeff Joiner, Texas Instruments -- "DMOS 4 200mm Converstion Water Optimization Strategy" (PDF)
March 30 Thrust D: "Etching of Parylene-N Polymer Dielectrics"
Stephen Beaudoin, Arizona State University (PDF)
April 6 Thrust A: "Copper CMP Effluent Flow in a Semiconductor Facility"
Benoit Maag, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PDF)
April 13 Thrust B: "The Effect of Absorbed Moisture on the Etching of Doped Oxide Films"
Adam Thorsness, University of Arizona (PDF)
April 20 Thrust C: "Recycle Process Development and Simulation: Adsorption/Desorption Module Development" -- Mike Schmotzer, University of Arizona (PDF)
"Novel Process for Water Purification and Wastewater Treatment: Catalytic Method for Water Purification" -- Robert Morris and Lilliam Mena-Acevedo, University of Arizona (PDF)
April 27 Thrust D: OPEN TO THRUST D ONLY:  "Planning Session: Research Update and New Mentor Briefing"
Hilton Pryce Lewis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Gina Weibel, Cornell University (PDF)
May 4 Thrust A: "CMP Waste Treatment: Electrophoretic Cross-Flow Filtration"
Jamie Ludke, University of Arizona (PDF)
May 11 Thrust B:  "An Advanced Cleaning Technique That is Environmentally Benign"
Karen Reinhardt, Member of Technical Staff, GaSonics International (PDF)
May 18 Thrust C: "The Environmental Value Systems (EnV-S) Analysis: Applied to Copper CMP Wastewater Treatment Options"
Nikhil Krishnan and Sara Thurwachter, University of California-Berkeley (PDF)
May 25 Thrust D: "Theoretical Approach to Understanding Gas Phase Reactions in Hot Filament Chemical Vapor Deposition of Low k Fluorocarbon Films"
Kenneth Lau, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PDF)
June 1 Thrust A: "Callenges in Patterning High K Dielectrics"
Marci Yi-Ting Liao, Stanford University (PDF)
June 8 Thrust B: "Removal of Metallic Contamination from Silicon Surfaces Using Dry Cleaning Methods"
Robert Opila, Lucent Technologies, Bell Laboratories (PDF)
June 15 Thrust C:  "Data Acquisition and Analysis for Cu CMP"
David Cox, PE, Environmental Software Providers (ESP) (PDF)
June 22 Thrust D:  "Advanced Silver Metallization"
Terry Alford, Arizona State University (PDF1) (PDF2)
June 29 Thrust A: Cancelled to accommodate planning for upcoming Policy Board Meeting
July 6 Thrust B: Closed planning session for upcoming Retreat.
Open to Thrust B PIs, Students and Researchers/PostDocs only.  
July 13 Thrust C:  "Detection, Characterization and Control of Bacteria in UPW Systems "
Kim Ogden and Dawn Baker, University of Arizona (PDF)
July 20 Thrust D:  Closed planning session for upcoming Retreat.
Open to Thrust D PIs, students and researchers only.
July 27 Thrust A: "Hot-Filament CVD of Organosilicon Low-Dielectric Constant Films"
Tom Casserly, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (PDF)
Aug. 3 Thrust B: "Alternative Gate Dielectric Materials for Future Scaling of MOS Devices"
Dr. Glen Wilk, Bell Laboratories-Lucent Technologies (PDF)
Aug. 10 Cancelled--ERC Annual Retreat at Stanford
Aug. 17 Cancelled to restructure TeleSeminar series
Aug. 24 Cancelled to restructure TeleSeminar series
Aug. 31 Cancelled to restructure TeleSeminar series
Sept. 7 Cancelled to restructure TeleSeminar series
Sept. 14 Host:  Karen Gleason, MIT
Guest: Dr. Jeffrey Calvert, Shipley Co., LLC
Topic:  Materials for Next Generation Lithography and Advanced Back-End-of-Line Interconnects--An Overview
Guest:  Dr. Gary Taylor, Shipley Co., LLC
Topic:  Resists for High Throughput Next Generation Lithographies
Calvert-(PDF) Taylor-(PDF)
Sept. 21 Cancelled for  TECHON2000
Sept. 28 Cancelled
Oct. 5 Host:  Anthony Muscat, University of Arizona
Presentation by:  Casey Finstad, UA
Topic:  UV-Initiated Surface Preparation and Reaction on Semiconductor Wafer Surfaces (PDF)
Presentation by:  Niraj Rana, UA
Topic:  Effect of Organic Contaminants on the Quality of Ultra-Thin Silicon Oxide (PDF)
Oct. 12 Host:  Chris Chidsey, Stanford University
Topic:  Thoughts on Controlling Interfacial Electron Transfer in Novel FET Structures (PDF)
Oct. 19 Host:  Paul McIntyre, Stanford University
Guest Presentation: Eric Garfunkel, Professor of Chemistry, Rutgers University
Ion Scattering Studies of Gate Dielectrics (PDF)
Oct. 26 Host: Anthony Muscat, University of Arizona
Presentation Guest:  Harald Okorn-Schmidt, IBM
Topic:  EDP-OCP Measurement Technique (PDF)
Nov. 2 Host:  Chris Chidsey, Stanford University
Presentation by:  Chris Chidsey and Sangwoo Lim, Stanford
Topic: Aqueous Ozone for Photoresist Stripping (PDF)
Nov. 9 Host: Karen Gleason, MIT
Presentation Guest:  Dick Bersin, ULVAC Technologies Inc.
Topic: Manufacturing Qualification of an All Dry De-veil Plasma Process (PDF#1) (PDF#2)
Nov. 16 Host: Duane Boning, MIT
Presentation Guest:  Sangjun Han, Mechanical Engineering, MIT
Extrusion Spin Coating for Efficient Photoresist Application (PDF#1) (PDF#2)
Nov. 30 No TeleSeminar
Dec. 7 Host:  Rafael Reif, MIT
Presentation by:  Ritwik Chatterjee, MIT 
Topic: "The Use of C4F6 for Dielectric Etch with Reduced Global Warming Emissions" (PDF)
Dec. 14 Host:  Farhang Shadman, University of Arizona
Presentation by: Ara Philipossian, University of Arizona
Topic:  CMP Fluid Dynamics Analysis (PDF)
Dec. 21, 28 NO TeleSeminar--MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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