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A multi-university research center leading the way to environmentally friendly semiconductor manufacturing, sponsored by the Semiconductor Research Corporation's Global Research Collaboration (GRC) Research Program



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- 1999 -
Jan. 14 Proposal for Industrial Outreach Activities
Ron Chiarello, Stanford University (PDF)
Jan. 21 Thrust A:  Point of Use (POS) Plasma Abatement of PFCs
Eric Tonnis and Mark Kiehlbauch, UC-Berkeley (HTML)
Jan. 28 The Role of Organics in Device Processing: A Discussion
Anthony Muscat, University of Arizona  (PDF1) (PDF2)
Feb. 18 Thrust B:  Electrodeionization Evaluation in a Semiconductor Fab Recycle System
Russ Parker, Hewlett Packard (PDF)
Feb. 25 Thrust A:  Low Open Area Endpoint Detection Using a PCA-Based T2-Statistic on Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) Measurements
Duane Boning, David White et al., MIT (PDF)
Mar. 4 Thrust B:  The Iodine and Methanol Passivation, Engineering and Basic Science Applications
Renee Mo and Francisco Machuca, Stanford University  (PDF)
Mar. 11 Thrust C:  Water and Chemical Usage: Practical Considerations
Tom Roche, Motorola (PDF)
Mar. 18 No Teleconference
April 1 Thrust A:  Simultaneous Removal of Particles and Dissolved Copper from Cu-CMP Waste Streams
Srini Raghavan and Yuxia Sun, University of Arizona (PDF)
April 8 Thrust B:  Study on the Relation Among the Properties of Fluoride Sollution, Si Surface State, and Cu Deposition on Si
Sangwoo Lim, Sanford (PDF)
In-Situ Monitoring of Metal Contamination Dilute HF Below 100 ppt 
Anand Reddy, MIT (PDF)
April 15 Thrust C:  Motorola Wet Tool UPW Usage Reduction Efforts Using Rinse Resistivity
Kathy McCormack, Motorola and Arturo Ruiz-Yeomans, University of Arizona  (PDF)
April 22 Thrust A:  Etching of Low-k Materials: Will this be an environmental issue and, if so, how should the Thrust A research program be addressing it?
Center-wide Group Discussion (PDF)
April 29 Thrust B:  Closed session for Thrust B only
May 6 Thrust C:  Discussion on--Water Reduction/Recycle Issues (no presentation materials)
May 13 Thrust D:  Discussion on--Integration Issues with the Use of Polymer Dielectrics (no presentation materials)
May 27 Thrust C:  Environmental Value (EnV) Analysis
Sara Thurwachter and Paul Sheng, UC-Berkeley (PDF)
June 10 Review of Recent Publications on Rinse and Metal Ion Adsorption on Si Wafer Surfaces
P. Jerry Chen, SEMATECH (HTML)
June 17 CO2 Applications in Semiconductor Industry
Conrad Sorenson, Praxair Inc. (PDF)
June 24 Integration of a Layout-Dependent CMP Model with Run by Run Methods for Improved CMP Control
Taber Smith and Simon Fang, MIT (PPT)
July 8 Education Thrust:  Summer of '99 Update
Sally Clement (no presentation materials)
Sept. 2 No Teleconference
Sept. 9 Thrust A: Use of Air-Gaps as Low-K Dielectric 
Benjamin P. Shieh, Graduate Student, Stanford University (PDF)
Sept. 16 Thrust B: Ozonated Water Research Directions
Sangwoo Lim, Stanford University (PDF1) (PDF2)
John DeGenova, University of Arizona (PDF)
Sept. 23 Thrust C: Engineered Learning Systems for Engineering and Education
Professor Gary Rubloff, University of Maryland ( PDF )
Sept. 30 Thrust D: Challenges for 157 nm Lithography
Roderick R. Kunz, Ph.D., Senior Staff Member, MIT Lincoln Laboratory ( PDF )
Oct. 7 Thrust A: Computer Simulation of PFC Abatement: Mechanisms and Neutral Transport
Mark Kiehlbauch, University of California-Berkeley
Relevant Archived Presentation: (PDF)
Current Presentation: (PDF)
Oct. 14 Thrust B: Cu Deposition: Macroscopic and Atomistic Perspectives
Anand Reddy, MIT  (PDF)
Sang-Woo Lim, Stanford (PDF)
Oct. 21 Thrust C: Real-Time Mocro-Biocontamination Monitor for Ultrapure Water Systems
Jon Sjogren, Center for Microcontamination Control, U of Arizona (PDF)
Oct. 28 Thrust D: Analysis of Particle Adhesion to Thin Films
Kevin Cooper, Arizona State University
(PDF1)  (PDF2)  (PDF3)  (PDF4)
Nov. 4 Thrust A: Update on Alternative Chemistries for Dielectric Etch Applications
Ritwik Chatterjee and Laura Pruette, MIT (PDF)
Nov. 11 No TeleSeminar - Veterans Day
Nov. 18

Thrust C: Probing Copper Adsorbates at Silica Surfaces Using Integrated Planar Optical Waveguides
Sergio Mendes, U of Arizona (PDF)

Nov. 25 No TeleSeminar - Thanksgiving
Dec. 2 Thrust D: Supercritical Fluid Technologies
Gina Weibel, Cornell University (PDF1) (PDF2
Dec. 9 Thrust A: Treatment of Cu-CMP Wastes by Electrocoagulation
James Baygents and Yuxia Sun, U of Arizona (PDF)
Dec. 16 All Center TeleSeminar – Prepare Annual Report
Dec. 23, 30 No TeleSeminar Christmas

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